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Thursday September 28, 2023
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Neural Networks and Deep Learning with Javascript

Example based approach ....


Javascript and Synaptic


Javascript in combination with the Synaptic.js library helps you master the secrets behind neural networks and machine learning. Creating various fun projects in code, helps you understand the core principles that make neural networks and machine learning so powerful (not to mention, some of the software engineering hacks/workarounds)

The examples given below should run standalone in a web browser without any need for installation or an active server side connection (isn't that fantastic!).

All of the examples complement the Deep Learning with Javascript: Example-Based Approach text.

Importantly, the practical samples/listings are for educational purposes - minimum working examples - something to get your teeth into while you dig through all the material and theory behind neural networks and deep learning.

*Note, some of the projects might seem blank when you run them initially in the browser, that is, you don't see anything on the screen. As the output might be getting redirected to the 'console.log' output (debug output window for the browser).

*Note, web cam demos require 'https' due to the browser security, however, for testing the version should run in mozilla firefox browser.

Have fun!

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