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Sunday July 21, 2024
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Espresso - A Shot of WebGL Knowledge ....


WebGL (Web Graphics Library)


JavaScript in combination with the WebGL API helps you create powerful but juicy projects. The ability to create beautiful graphics quickly and easily that are accessible to everyone with a modern browser (which is just about anyone). Candy for the eyes.

About the WebGL Coffee Series Book (In A Nutshell)

WebGL Graphics API in 20 Minutes


Basic 1 Link
Basic 2 Link
Points 1 Link
Points 2 Link
Points 3 Link
Triangle Link
Square Link
Cube Link
Texture 1 Link
Texture 2 Link
Texture 3 Link
Lighting Link

The book isn't an in-depth introduction to the low-level optimization of the API or squeezing the those graphical bytes out of the shader language. No. It's a quick-start guide! It's intended to get you up and running quickly - such as initializing the API, getting a triangle on the screen and drawing shapes (loading 3-dimensional geometry and basic shaders).

Graphical concepts by themselves could fill multiple books - effects such as shadows, reflection, lens-flare and much more. But what the book does do, is get you working with 3-dimensional geometry with your browser.

Grab a cup of Joe, lay back on your comfy sofa, and flick through - folding the odd corner page to note you must come back to that :)

Why bother with WebGL? Is it hard? You might have reserves about learning WebGL! Especially if you're also learning other concepts, such as, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Graphical Mathematics! It can be enough to make a person cry. A rabbit hole of material. Take a deep breath. and again! WebGL isn't that bad. Once you get past all the overhead code, you'll be throwing out 3d cubes and complex geometry easily - without even breaking a sweat!

Since it also runs in a browser, it means you'll be able to share your cool creations with colleagues and friends at the click of a button (just send them the link). They'll be able to run the WebGL programs on their phones, tablet or desktop. So cool! Non of this installing applications and drivers.

Misc WebGL Demo/Examples

Basic Setup Link
Triangles Link
Graphics Link
Lighting Link
Models Link
Matrix Transforms LINK
Perspective (FOV) LINK
Frustum LINK
Orthographic LINK















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