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Sunday July 21, 2024
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"If you search the web, you will find what you are searching for (eventually..)" Below is a list of web pages that I think would be useful in your search for answers on various topics - development resources, news, useful downloads and more.



Game Recruitment

For those new to games programming or fresh from university looking for software and games programming roles.
Creative Personnel (www.creativepersonnel.co.uk)

Game News & Development

Various websites on various software engineering, development and news things
MyPhysicsLab (http://www.myphysicslab.com)
arachnoid (https://arachnoid.com)
HTML Templates (https://html.com/resources/free-html-templates/)
Website Templates (https://learning-zone.github.io/website-templates/)
Lots of "FREE" 3D models (great for testing/learning) (You don't have to register to download them)


Gizmo's Freeware (www.techsupportalert.com)
Planet Source Code(www.planet-source-code.com)
Icon/Thumbs (https://icon-icons.com/)

Generative AI

Useful resource sites if you're interested in generative AI technologies for image creation or customization
Gencraft - AI Image Generation/Editing (https://gencraft.com)
Clipdrop - AI Image Upscaling/Editing/Background Removal/.. (https://clipdrop.co)
Supportive AI - Talk about your problems (https://pi.ai/talk)
Scribble Diffusion Rough sketches to masterpieces with Scribble Diffusion using ControlNet


Articles, websites, bits and bobs related to graphics

Please feel free to email me your recommended homebrew software sites :)

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