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Sunday July 21, 2024
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HelloWorld - Text Output


We can use some of the built in text output library's to display text output.  We can display a lot of useful information with text output - one such piece of information we can display is the frames per second so we know how well our code is performing.


Download Project Code - TextOutput


// Basic text output


#include <openxdk.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>


void XBoxStartup()


      //let's init the screen

      vga_init_mode(MODE_640x480x32);         // Some possible modes all defined in

                                              // xvga.h

                                              // MODE_320x240x32

                                              // MODE_640x240x32

                                              // MODE_640x480x32 etc...plus many more


      float last = (float)KeTickCount;

    int   fps  = 0;


      int   testcount = 0;



            // A list of all these functions can be found at the top of xvga.h

            // Comment this line out to watch the frame rate go up...on my xbox

            // I comment this out, and my frame rate is nearly 1000fps!...wow!

            // but of course you can notice the flicker :-/

            vga_vsync();                                    // Wait for Vertical Blank

        vga_flip();                                         // Flip

            vga_clear();                                    // Clear screen



            fps  = (int)(1.0f/(((float)KeTickCount - last) / 1000.0f));

        last = (float)KeTickCount;


            // Print to screen

            char buffer[300]; // large temp text buffer

          sprintf(buffer,"OpenXDK Sample: %d fps", fps);

            vga_print(50, 50, buffer);


            sprintf(buffer, "Dynamic Counter Value: %d", testcount++);

            vga_print(50, 75, buffer);



      }// End while loop





On we go....

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