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Sunday July 21, 2024
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XBOX Programming..

More than just a toy...


Prt1 - "Empty Code" - is that it?

So you've got the XDK, and you want a little tasty of how it works, how to get your little fingers in there.

Well remember once you've installed the XDK, you start up visual C++, and you want to know where to start...this takes us the the entry point...the place where it all begins.


//Main header file for the XDK

#include <xtl.h>


//Application entry point

void __cdecl main()







What did you say? .."My god what is that!", well this is the entry point for all our programs, I've put a function called StartGame() in the body of the main loop which will call our code to start the game loop.

You could take the function call out "StartGame()" and press compile and it could compile and generate a .xbe for you which would work on the xbox.

Note:  If you are using a mod-chip, and evo-x and you wish to run your .xbe on the xbox you must first patch it, copy it across using an ftp package such as FlashFXP then using FlashFXP send the execute binary command and away it goes.


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