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Sunday July 21, 2024
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3D File Formats

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Quake 3 BSP [Inside Level Data]
Author bkenwright@xbdev.net


Adding the necessary code so that we make use of the various texture information, and vertex normals and other additional graphical information, we can expand our demo so that we can see our level from the inside.  Neglecting any collision detection or bsp code - as we can add that in later.  We will sit ourselves in the level, and allow ourselves to move around using the cursor keys and mouse.  The most complicated part of the code is all the creating directx index and vertex buffers in our bsp.h file.

The demo is really quiet simple - it goes to show that with the basic of code and files you can create a nice little 3d world.  Once you add in collision detection, so your player can't escape from the level, then it starts to look more like a game.


Download Source Code (316kb)





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