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Sunday July 21, 2024
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The Free, Legal, Open Source XBox Development Kit...


OpenXDK project was setup by caustik a long time ago know and made some fantastic code.  He is also working on a PC xbox emulator which you can visit on his web site.  The OpenXDK main web page is hosted on Sourceforge, so you'll always be able to download the latest version from there. 

OpenXDK Web Page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/openxdk/)


Hard part is getting started!  Believe me, its not as hard as you think...and it gives you a new insight into the real workings of the xbox.  You can do code at the actual lowest level or use some of the pre-built library's in the openxdk.


Feedback is always welcome.

If at any time you make a new break through, or want to know more you can contact the project admistrator ( caustik ) anytime, as he's a great guy and is always willing to help :)


Also pop in any time on IRC (EFnet) at  #openxdk



Simple Demos and Tutorials


At the time of this writing the current version of the OpenXDK is '0.1.0-Pre1'...as its always worth checking what version you have, so you don't have to worry about changing librarys and fixing code etc.  To find out what version you have, simply open up the "openxdk.h" file and at the top there will be a macro definition:


#define OPENXDK_VERSION "0.1.0-Pre1"

Once you have your openxdk downloaded, its all down hill....you set up your project...alter a few settings in the visual studio properties so it compiles without warnings and creates your xbe and your ready to rock!


Empty Code (with OpenXDK)


Screen Output : Lets put something on the screen.


File Output : Cool, finally text files


Graphics Mode: Yeah 640x480 that's more like it


Simple Animation : Wahoo..watch that ball bounce!


Displaying Image : Using some library's to put an image on the screen.


Text Out : HelloWorld, lets not break tradition


Gamepad : Getting some user input


XbeLauncher : Starting another xbe from our code.


ScreenCapture : Save our screenshots so we can show them off.


{More Soon}




Games & Applications

Well at the moment there isn't many games or applications written for the OpenXDK....why?... well it was mostly because of the lacking librarys...sound, gamepad support etc.  But most of all, a lot of people want the graphics hardware support.  In time it will get there I guess - it just takes a bit of determination!

Space Invaders - Arcade Classic


Burning Cube - Great screen effect


System Screen - Display Data About Your XBOX (soon)

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