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Sunday July 21, 2024
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Basic Animation - Bouncing Ball


Well we get 50fps, so using this we can do some simple animation...nothing to advanced yet...we'll just have a ball bounce around the screen.


Project Source Code - Bouncy Ball

// Few lines of code that demonstrate the basic graphics setup so you can work

// on doing some simple displays etc


#include    <openxdk.h>


void xbvDrawCircle( unsigned int *pdwFramebuffer, int nSizeStrideInDwords, DWORD dwPixel, int xC, int yC, int r )


      int x=0, y=r, u=1, v=2*r-1, e=0;


      while( x < y ){


            pdwFramebuffer[(xC+x)+((yC+y)* nSizeStrideInDwords)]=dwPixel;

            pdwFramebuffer[(xC+y)+((yC-x)* nSizeStrideInDwords)]=dwPixel;

            pdwFramebuffer[(xC-x)+((yC-y)* nSizeStrideInDwords)]=dwPixel;

            pdwFramebuffer[(xC-y)+((yC+x)* nSizeStrideInDwords)]=dwPixel;

            x++; e += u; u+= 2;

            if( v < 2 * e ) { y--; e -= v; v -= 2; }

            if( x > y ) break;

            pdwFramebuffer[(xC+y)+((yC+x)* nSizeStrideInDwords)]=dwPixel;

            pdwFramebuffer[(xC+x)+((yC-y)* nSizeStrideInDwords)]=dwPixel;

            pdwFramebuffer[(xC-y)+((yC-x)* nSizeStrideInDwords)]=dwPixel;

            pdwFramebuffer[(xC-x)+((yC+y)* nSizeStrideInDwords)]=dwPixel;



}// end of xbvDrawCircle(..)


volatile DWORD time;

void sleep( DWORD ms )


    DWORD Target = KeTickCount+ms;



            time = KeTickCount;

            if( time > Target ) break;


}// end of sleep(..)



// Program Entry Point

void XBoxStartup()



      //let's init the screen

      vga_init_mode(MODE_640x480x32);         // Some possible modes all defined in

                                              // xvga.h

                                              // MODE_320x240x32

                                              // MODE_640x240x32

                                              // MODE_640x480x32 etc...plus many more



      float xpos = 640/2;

      float ypos = 640/2;


      float xdir = 0.5f;

      float ydir = 1.0f;




            // A list of all these functions can be found at the top of xvga.h

            // Comment this line out to watch the ball go crazy! - why is that..well

            // we have to wait a bit for it to finish its blitz to the screen and it slows

            // us down...might be better to do multiple back buffering?

            vga_vsync();                                    // Wait for Vertical Blank

        vga_flip();                                         // Flip

            // Comment this line out to see the effects of the ball going around the screen,

            // sort of a trail of itself, you can also see how far it moves with each movement

            vga_clear();                                    // Clear screen


            ScreenInfo s = vga_get_screen_info();


            unsigned int* pix = (unsigned int*)s.ScreenAddress;


            // Draw new circle in a new place

            xbvDrawCircle( pix, 640, 0xffffff00, (int)xpos, (int)ypos, 10 );


            xpos += xdir;

            ypos += ydir;


            int size = 10; // diameter of our little circle

            if( (xpos <= (0+size)) || (xpos >= (640-size)) ) xdir = -xdir;

            if( (ypos <= (0+size)) || (ypos >= (480-size)) ) ydir = -ydir;




      }// End while loop





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