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Sunday June 16, 2024
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It's doing all the hard work for us...


3D lazers, Camera Movement, Special Effects... step by step we'll be giving you snippets of code which will introduce you to DirectX3D.

DirectX3D - The Basics

DirectX3D - Revision Sheets


Well for those of you either new to DirectX3D or a intermidate user, I thought I'd put together a number of study sheets. Which are single A4 pages which cover the paramerters of the various DirectX3D API's and there uses, and the available functions etc. So the would be one of Matrix's, another for the Camera, and one for vertex formats etc....

DirectX3D - Special Effects


With a little bit of creativity and a bit of code you can create some really amazing special effects, some of those effects include 3D Water, Fire, Fog etc. I'll be doing some simple examples/tutorials on some of the special effects that can be generated... it won't be long now before you'll be drooling due to the amazement of how cool they look and how simple it is.


Image Warping


Fur Tutorial

2D Pixel Fire

Simple 3D Water



DirectX Demo's



  BurningCube Source Code Executable Demo
  Grass Field (Req Vertex&Pixel Shaders) Source Code Executable Demo
  StarField Source Code Executable Demo
  MiniMario (2D DemoLevel) SourceCode Executable Demo
  Fractal Flowers (2D Randomness) SourceCode Executable Demo
  Plasma SourceCode Executable Demo
  Simple Terrain Using Colour HeightMap SourceCode Executable Demo
  X-Z Surface Plane Class SourceCode Executable Demo
Simple Ocean Surface SourceCode Executable Demo    
  SkyBox Demo SourceCode Executable Demo
  Object Selection (Mouse) SourceCode Executable Demo
  Simple Test Level (Mixing Above Demos) SourceCode Executable Demo
  Character/World Demo SourceCode Executable Demo
  Quake 2 MD2 Loader/Animation SourceCode Executable Demo
  Simple Button User Interface Demo SourceCode Executable Demo
DirectX - Ray-Tracing


The era of real-time interactive ray-tracing is here. GPUs with specialist hardware for ray-tracing combined with SDK efeatures are allowing 3-dimensional graphic to move beyond rasterization concepts. Millions of rays can be shot into a scene to create realistic (physically accurate) effects, such as, reflections and caustics.

Of course, the code isn't easy to digest!


Simple Ray-Tracing Triangle

Basic Lighting (Cube)

Procedural Geometry











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