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Sunday July 21, 2024
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XNA & 360

The bits and bytes of XNA and C# for your 360...



XNA is the new thing these days, and with MS letting people run homebrew XNA C# programs on there 360 consoles, and even share them on xbox live with other people, who wouldn't be tempted to give it a try.  Whether your only interested in doing a 2d pacman game, full 3d wopper of a game or a just a triangle...you now can now do!!  With XNA you can you even gain full access to the GPU, letting you creating breath-taking effects which you wouldn't have thought possible.


So grab a coffee and get comfortable...and feel free to email me any thoughts or questions and I'll try and help as best I can.


Also if you want to chat, most days I can be found on IRC at #EFnet channel #xfactor.




Rendering 2D&3D Objects, Files, Text, and more...




Some Demos/Games you can download and look at the source code


Classic favourite of all time - ships, asteroids, warp drive...and the full source code is easy to grasp and modify.

Mini Mario


Everyone remembers the classic game.  I thought I'd write a simple version - its not the same, but has may similar things, such as jumping on top of the creatures to kill them etc.  I even wrote a simple level editor that lets you create your own levels!







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