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Sunday June 16, 2024
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Power of the Web Browser..

Retro Web-Based Game Programming ...


Programming web-pages is an extremely fun and interesting way to communicate and interact with users - even though the concept of creating dynamic interactive client-based web solutions seems like a complex topic. Of course, once you get past the basics, you'll find it isn't as scary as you thought.

Retro Game Programming (Draft)

A great way to get started with dynamic web site development, is through games. Creating interactive web games, helps you master core principles (such as, managing user input, moving objects and creating elements on-the-fly). Once you start programming, you'll have a feel for the language, the browsers abilities and features.

These tutorials and samples are intended to complement and extend the Retro Web-Based Game Programming - an introduction to programming games in your broswer (a taster).

To be clear - the emphasis of the samples is to present stripped down examples (minimal and basic). Once you're up and running, there's a massive number of websites and resources online to enable you to the next level.

The aims of these `minimal working demos' is:
*. have fun learning Javascript/HTML/CSS (through games)
*. small self-contained examples
*. teach the underpinnings of the browser abilities
*. help simplify complicated concepts
*. minimal working builds
*. easy to compile and run
*. help make the topic interesting
*. share ideas and tips

`Not' the aim:
*. develop a framework
*. build an entire game-engine
*. compare and develop libraries

Retro Game Development (Javascript/HTML/CSS)

Retro Game Programming for the Web provides a beginners guide to getting started developing games and interactive web-based applications. The book focuses on the practical aspects with code samples and projects to get you started. The book has been formatted and designed with sample listings and support material, so whether or not you are currently an expert in web development, actively working with an existing framework, or completely in the dark about this mysterious topic, this book has something for you. If you’re an experienced developer, you’ll find this book a light refresher to the subject, and if you’re deciding whether or not to delve into web-based games, this book may help you make that significant decision. The book introduces core mathematic fundamentals in addition to creating special effects and techniques such as collision detection and object management. The text is organised to guide the reader through the exciting topic of retro games programming from a ground-up hands-on perspective. Organized around browser-based languages (Javascript, CSS and HTML), the book includes numerous simplified practical examples in the body of the text as well as technical explanations on limitations and engineering solutions.

Snippets/Small Code Projects/Features

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