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Sunday July 21, 2024
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Power of the Web Browser..

RevealJS Editor and Creator ...


An uncomplicated RevealJS presentation Editor and Creator.


RevealJS is a powerful web-based presentation library which is free, open source and easy to download and use. While there are multiple plugins for adding all sorts of really great features, such as, animated transitions, seearch options, there isn't a free and simple `editor' plugin. One that runs on the client side and integrates in with the slide system (edit slides/content live in the slides).


* Doens't require a server and runs solely in the browser
* The complete editor is implemented in a small 'editor.js' file which is appended to the bottom of the RevealJS slides
* Save/load existing presentations
* Created slides can also be edited (e.g., see examples below)
* WYSWYG interface
* Minimilistic
* Mixed with other more advanced features (still edit/go into the html/css and customize the created presentation later)
* Insert images and text boxes (drag/resize inserted items)

[X} in the bottom corner toggles show/hide the editor floating meunu


Here is the empty editor page: Empty Editor

Some sample pages created with the editor (and can be edited):
Example 1
Example 2

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