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RegEx (Regular Expressions)...

Powerful, expressive and flexible.. ..


Regular expression (aka regex or regexp) is the superhero in the developer's toolkit: They're like the wizards of pattern matching, helping us dance through strings with finesse. RegEx, with its cryptic symbols and magical sequences, is a secret weapon for text manipulation. Just like a well-crafted function, a cleverly concocted regular expression can sift through data, find patterns, and make the impossible seem downright easy.

Embrace the RegEx sorcery, untangle those character puzzles, and empower your code with the magic of pattern matching. Crafting regular expressions makes your life easier, by reducing repetition, reducing errors and is fun.

Regular Expressions are so Monsterous

What are Regular Expressions?

Regular expression are a powerful search tool. It's a special language that helps you describe and find patterns in text. Imagine you have a super-smart detective who can search for not just specific words but also more complex things, like finding all the email addresses, phone numbers, or even words that start with "super." With regex, you create a pattern or a set of rules using symbols and characters that act like a secret code, telling the computer what to look for. It's like having a text superhero that can sift through a haystack of words and find the exact needles you're looking for, making tasks like data validation, text extraction, and search operations way cooler and more efficient.


Basic RegEx Syntax

Programming and RegEx (Javascript, Python, PHP, ..)

RegEx (Markdown to HTML)

Gamfication of RegEx (Making RegEx Games)

Syntax Highlighting

• Hacking examples..

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Links & Resources....

• Regular expression crossword/puzzle website rcross.xbdev.net

• Online editor/tester regex101.com

• Online editor

Regular Expression (RegEx, RegExp, ...) Learning Texts

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