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Natures pattern...


About Fractals

Fractals are great! They're mesmerizing and have a vast assortment of applications - from graphical and audio patterns to encryption and machine learning.

• Fractals in graphics (e.g,. patterns and shapes)
• Fractals vs chaos and and randomness
• Examples of fractal algorithms

Fractals are intricate mathematical patterns characterized by self-similarity at different scales, where each part resembles the whole. These complex and often visually stunning structures are generated through iterative processes, where a simple geometric shape undergoes repeated iterations with slight modifications.

The result is a fascinating, infinitely detailed form that exhibits similar patterns whether observed up close or from a distance.

Fractals can be found in various natural phenomena, such as coastlines, clouds, and ferns, as well as in man-made creations like digital art and computer-generated graphics. They bridge the realms of mathematics and aesthetics, captivating our imagination with their mesmerizing complexity and beauty.

Fractal Demos

A range of fractal explanations and demos in various languages (raw C++ to Javascript).

• Mandelbrot and MandelBulb LINK
• Raytraced MandelBulb LINK
• Fractal Sweeping (Javascript/HTML Canvas) LINK
• Fractal Tree (D3 JavaScript) LINK
• 2D Fractal Circle (JS) LINK
• 2D Fractal Tree (JS) LINK
• WebGPU Fractal Spinning (2D) LINK
• WebGPU Fractal Cube (3D) LINK
• WebGPU Newton Fractal LINK
• Dual-Quaternion Fractal LINK
• ...

Fractal Articles and Algorithms

The Whats and Whys of Fractals
Fractals Explained
Fractal Algorithms in 2D (2D Fractals)
Fractal Algorithms in 3D (3D Fractals)
Sound, Audio and Music Fractals (Not Just Seeing But Listening to Fractals)
Interpolating and Extrapolating Fractals
Fractal Signal Analysis and Generation
Smiley Face Fractal
Fractal Words and Sentences
Fractal Patterns (Images)
Signed Distance Functions and Fractals

Fractal Resources/Books

Fractals have been around forever! There are a thousands of websites and books on the topic - however, a few juicy ones that you might find interesting.

fractals applications and tools fractals beginners book fractals definitive guide fractals essentials fractals for the impatient fractals introduction book fractals theory and practice book

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