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Sunday June 16, 2024
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Data Mining and Machine Learning...

It's all about data ..


Data Mining and Machine Learning - What is it all about?

As they say, knowledge is power, but knowledge is just data. We live in an age where data is everywhere, vast amounts of it, in all sorts of forms - from car fuel consumption usage data to medical data from hospitals. What has really changed is that computers have now got fast! Really really fast! And they're able to load and analyse this data and find new patterns or make predictions based on the data.

Dirty simple! Yes, thanks to Python, getting started and using powerful machine learning algorithms is easy, very easy. You just import a library, type in a few lines of happy code and ... bada bing bada boom, it runs without any hard word! No maths or problems.

Python is one of the main languages uses for data mining and machine learning (not the only language) - so most of the examples use Python. Of course, don't let that stop if you if you're not a Python person - for example, you can also do a lot of work using Javascript!! Even cool libraries like Tensorflow.JS - however, lets just stick with Python.

Thanks to all the libraries and prewritten tools, that means it's great for those just starting off, as you can just get stuff running, create cool programs and process data without having to learn all the hard maths or worry about writing and debugging long complex libraries that can be very very specialist (e.g., may need to run on the GPU to run with a reasonable time frame - instead of taking 6 months to process it can be done in 6 hours due to optimizations and hardware).

Let me show a little example - in less than 20 lines of code using the sklearn library we can implement a simple classification example (KNeightborsClassifier)!! The small example uses the famous Iris dataset and the scikit-learn library.

This script does the following:
• Import necessary libraries from scikit-learn.
• Load the Iris dataset, which is a built-in dataset in scikit-learn.
• Split the dataset into training and testing sets.
• Initialize a K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) classifier.
• Train the classifier on the training data.
• Make predictions on the test data.
• Evaluate the accuracy of the model by comparing the predicted labels with the actual labels.

Mix Extended Data Mining and Machine Learning Examples/Projects

Miscellaneous examples and test cases for learning and experimenting around the topic of data mining and machine learning (just for fun).

• Clustering [LINK]

• Classification [LINK]

• Regression Analysis [LINK]

• Anomaly Detection [LINK]

• Ensemble Learning [LINK]

• Transfer Learning [LINK]

• Semisupervised Learning [LINK]

• Reinforcement Learning [LINK]

• Time Series Analysis [LINK]

• Datasets [LINK]

• Python Programming [LINK]

• 5 Python Libraries You Should Know (DM&ML) [LINK]

Primer: Data Mining & Machine Learning

Data Mining & Machine Learning Primer


Question and answer approach to getting you up to speed with data mining and machine learning concepts.

Learning Data Mining and Machine Learning can be challenging, and instead of just presenting and discussing topics, the aim of this primer is to teach using a mix of short questions and answers (with detailed explanations). The structure and the format also provides a valuable revision text for reviewing and checking your understanding.

Articles & Resources

Data Vacuum (Cleaner)

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Text Classification (Basics)

Image Classification (By Example)

CPU vs GPU vs TPU vs DPU: Whats Happening? ABC of 'PU's

Fractals and their Application in Machine Learning

Fractals and Data Science

Top 10 Algorithms in Machine Learning

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Advanced: Data Mining & Machine Learning

Advanced Data Mining & Machine Learning


Taking it to the next level...

Learning advanced data mining and machine learning involves mastering cutting-edge algorithms such as deep learning architectures and reinforcement learning frameworks, alongside sophisticated techniques like transfer learning and meta-learning. Through hands-on practice and theoretical understanding, aspiring practitioners can navigate complex datasets, address real-world challenges, and push the boundaries of AI innovation.

About the Data Mining and Machine Learning Essentials Book (In A Nutshell)

Data Mining and Machine Learning Essentials


This book is a guide to getting you started with the whats and whys around data mining and machine learning - the topic is vast and covers a wide range of areas - but tries to provide structure and explain the 'essentials'.

Mix of explanations, examples and key points ranging from basic classification examples all the way through to neural networks and generalized learning models.

Other Upcoming Data Mining and Machine Learning Texts

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