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Assembly Language

What every pc speaks..1010...


BENDER: "What an awful dream! 1's and 0's everywhere! [shudder] .... and I thought I saw a 2..."
FRY: "It was only a dream, Bender. There's no such thing as a 2."
Quote from Futurama

Author: bkenwright - Building a Mini OS from Scratch (Soon.)


Tut-1- Interrupts are our friends

Tut-2- Loading our program from a floppy!

Tut-3- Protected Mode?

Tut-4- Mini OS

Tut-5- Soon....

Author: bkenwright - Understanding Protected Mode (Its not 'Real')


When the latest INTEL CPU's where created, it was important to always make them backward compatable.  I mean your new CPU will do everything your old one will plus more!  So the new CPU's would still start in Real mode, and still do 8 and 16 bit operations even though that would be a waste.  But they also offered Protected Mode!  Pure 32 CPU and added instructions, faster operations etc.  How you go about harnising and most of all understanding this crazy thing, is what we are going to do here!

Tut-1- Real Mode, Protected Mode, Segments, Memory and Coffee..

Tut-2- Simple PM Code Demo

Tut-2.5- PIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller) Setup

Tut-3- Interrupting the teacher!

Tut-4- Keyboard!

Tut-5- Tidy Code is Happy Code - Simplifying PM/Dos Transition

Tut-6- Text Functions, Seperate inc files

Tut-7- Date/Time, Delay

Tut-9- Breaking it down

Tut-x- Soon....


Author: Iczelion.
Tut-1 - An introduction to the basics.
Tut-2 - A Simple Message Box.
Tut-3 - How cool, a simple window.
Tut-4 - Painting with text.
Tut-5 - How text works.
Tut-6 - Keyboard Input.
Tut-7 - Where would we be without the mouse.
Tut-8 - Menu.
Tut-9 - Child window controls.
Tut-10 - A dialog box as a main window.


Author: bkenwright -Inline Assembly

Tut-*- Creating simple inline assembly functions

Tut-*- Juicy In-Line C and Assembly Snippets


Tut-*- Function Calling Conventions (__cdec, _stdcall ...)

Tut-*- From C to Assembly...some comparisons.

Tut-*- Opcodes Reference (80x86)

Tut-*- Pentium rdtsc Timing



Misc External Docs

Reading/Writing Harddisk directly with pure asm


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