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Tuesday March 31, 2020
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More than just code ....


Greetings visitor, welcome to xbdev.net, bringing you all the bytes of information..


Well, the site is in the progress of 'creation' you might say having just been put together and so all the tutorials and sections are still being written. But please be patient and we'll get there.
We will be open to new ideas and projects, anything you can imagine... ranging from reverse engineering to writing simple hello world tutorials in asm.





What's been happening, what's new, what does tomorrow hold?


01-10-2008 - Christmas Is Coming Again!

It's been a while since I've added new content to the site, but it's not been dead.  I've been doing everything in my power to keep it going and am not on track with lots of new and exciting ideas to push it forwards.  Some tiny updates to the site which have been added, include a simple flash swf player, some physics intros and even shaders.  Hopefully, over the next month I'll have the site modified with a new look and fix some of the bugs in older code which some of you have pointed out.


16-12-2006 - Christmas & New Year!

Well, doesn't time fly!  Believe it or not it's just 9 days to Christmas and the dawn of another year.  Next Gen consoles are out there in the shops, and technology is moving faster than a penguin with ice skates...but still it's all good fun!  The site isn't dead!  So I thought I'd give a small news update....things are in the production pipeline....either the flash parser/renderer tutorial is going to be done very soon, or the ragdoll demo....there my main focus at the moment.


Also I've updated some of the directx demos/tutorials, so they compile with visual studio and work with either directx 8.1 or directx 9.


Merry Xmas to All


28-11-2005 - Show me the code.....

Things are moving along - not updating the news so much as I'm pretty lazy.  But bits of code are being fixed and added.  One such demo is the Fur Rendering Code (Fur Effect) which uses HLSL (DirectX High Level Shader Language).

I'm having some problems getting hold of my old xbox source code to add to the xbox section since loosing a lot of my demos and source...but will hopefully be able to add them.

I've also put the Wispwind 3D model up for playing with in max and testing in the 3D loader code.  I'm going to try and add a new game engine section which is open source and should include some interesting effects.


07-10-2005 - Bit by Bit...

Small bits of the site are coming back on and of course new sections appearing.. of course I'm still writing them as I go. Adding new parts to the Java section, also adding in a vertex and pixel shader section (includes cg,hlsl etc). And also working parts of the mini operating system.

XBOX360 is coming this November/December and of course will allow the addition of a new section there.
Oh yeah, and thanks to gamerking for letting me know of a couple of bugs in my php script which I've now fixed.


04-05-2005 - Site Uploaded (Live)!

The bugs keep coming, but I thought I'd put the site back on the web.  I think I've sorted out most things and have restored nearly all of the original tutorials and fixed tons of php bugs.  But if anyone does spot any faults/bugs erroneous errors etc...then I'd be more than grateful for a quick email (webmaster@xbdev.net).  Going to add some asm tutorials on Protected Mode this Sunday on my day off from work and hopefully fix the site up some more as well!  It's a long road, but it will get there in the end.  If only there where more hours in the day!....

24-04-2005 - Looking good!

Well, a few minor fixes - added the quote script back to the main page, and fixed a few login bugs. Tidying up many of the older tutorials and typo bugs that I never noticed before.

10-04-2005 - Dam bugs!

90% of things work well, and am already drawing some plans for some new projects that will be the first to be looked into. XBOX2 Tutorials/New (Well obviously when xbox2 arrives), openxdk asm programs, 3D programming principles - collision detection, reaction, optimisation, simple avi file format (divx and xvid), dlls.
Programming is a large world, whether your coding internet scripts, operating systems, reverse engineering formats, or simply doing a cool 3d model in your favourite 3d package, there's definitely a lot to keep everyone busy, and definitely something to keep everyone happily coding late into the night.

04-04-2005 -  Site Rebuild Underway

Well, xbox2 is just around the corner, and I wasn't going to rebuild xbdev.net after lycos just lost my site! Can you beleive it! Lycos sickens me, and everyone should write an email to them telling them how much it sickens them to!

But anyhow, the urge is too great!, must rebuild site....so after days of late nights and a lots of coffee, the site is coming back together. I've kept the original colour scheme and layout as I think it's a nice layout.

This time though, the newer tutorials, xbox2, optimised .x loader code and asm projects, etc. will initially only be available to subscribers, and will help pay for the overheads. Of course, all the original tutorials will be free, and of course as newer tutorials are added, other non freeview tutorials will be made open to non-subscribers...-.

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