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Saturday July 4, 2020
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More than just code ....


Greetings visitor, welcome to xbdev.net, bringing you all the bytes of information..


Well, the site is in the progress of 'creation' you might say having just been put together and so all the tutorials and sections are still being written. But please be patient and we'll get there.
We will be open to new ideas and projects, anything you can imagine... ranging from reverse engineering to writing simple hello world tutorials in asm.





What's been happening, what's new, what does tomorrow hold?


Years are flying past! - Christmas Is Coming Again!

The website is always undergoing updates and fixes - with articles getting patches, not to mention, dealing with server issues and underlying problems - however, xbdev is here to stay :)

Feeding the curiousity of what happens in underlying software, file formats, processors, compilers, assembly, so many juicy topics ....

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