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Sunday July 21, 2024
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so much power in such a few lines of code..



With just a few lines of code it is possible to do some absolutely amazing things with your browser and JavaScipt....hopefully after going through some of my examples and code snippets you'll agree just how powerful and useful scripting languages such as JavaScript can be. They will allow you to take your html to a next level.


These are small projects that use Javascript (more than just a toy) - load complex binary files, display/draw complex graphics, use the 'gpu' for complex computational processing, and much more ...

Powerpoint (ppt or pptx to JSON Script/ JavaScript Parser/Viewer)

Text To Speech Online Reader (LaTeX Text/Ignore Symbols/Comments)

RevealJS Editor

Online HTML5 Editor/Compile (Inside Browser)

Sexy Color Highlighting (Color Does Make a Difference)

PrismJS Plugins (Line Numbers and Highlighting)

WYSIWYG JavaScript/HTML Editor

Typo (Dictionary/Spell Checking/Suggestion Library)

Writing Tool (analysing text)

JavaScript Website Crawler (WebCrawler) - Runs Browser

Fluid/Smoke Simulation

Neural Networks and Deep Learning with JavaScript (Examples/Hands-On Approach)

Neural Networks and Deep Learning with JavaScript (Examples/Hands-On Approach)

Learn about neural networks and deep learning architechtures from the ground-up. Not just the mathematics - but actually getting simple neural networks up and running that perform a variety of cool things - from learning your web-cam to control a video game, analysis images or identify patterns in data.

UserScripts - Mini JavaScript (Coffee Book Series)

UserScripts in 20 Minutes (Coffee Book Series)

Unleash the power of your web browser - don't be bound by what you're given but by what you want it to do! Customize and modify web pages (layouts and tasks). UserScript are small JavaScript programs that you can run automatically on other websites to get what you need!

Tutorials (Learning Resources)


Simple Movement

57 Fun (and Unique) JavaScript Project Ideas for Beginners

Exploring Arrays: The Good, The Bad and the Undefined

Download 'All' Images on a Webpage

Minkowski Collision Detection (2d demo with boxes)


• Prt 1 - Game's with Javascipt

• Prt 2 - Retro Games with JavaScript

Snippets (amazing scripts...that will make you drewl)

These scripts are for educational purposes (ethical hacking) - as they could cause distress and be identified as a dangerous script by browser.

(Eject) - Eject CD Roms.
 Floppy Drive Madness...
• Open window when you close it...
• Drawing lots of mouse cursors on screen (confuses you which is your cursor)

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