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Sunday July 21, 2024
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Computer Graphics

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W3's new graphics shader language of the web (for the WebGPU) has arrived, but will it be adopted, and will it lead to improved rendering?

WGSL Langauge -
WGSL Langauge - 'Web' Shader Language - Think of WebGPU API as the Spider and it's 'Web' as the WGSL Language.

The WGSL Language

A new language called WGSL (short for WebGPU Shader Language) was release with the introduction of the WebGPU API, marking a milestone for the graphics industry (specifically web-based graphics).

In the past, web-based graphics (specifically real-time graphics), like video games and virtual reality was limited.

The new WGSL language is being embraced by developers as a new standardised way to describe shaders and effects for web graphics (and compute).

The WGSL language will lead to more sophisticaed graphics for the web; with customized shaders that able to reproduce complex effects (like Fresnel, RayTracing, Tesselation and Translucent Skin). In the past, these effects have been limited.

Once the WGSL language is full supported by all browsers it will give a real performance boost to web applications.

Will WebGPU and WGSL lead to more graphics and compute applications being created entirely for the web (without implementing a native version)? Only time will tell! But for some companies, the answer could be 'Yes'.

With WebGL and GLSL there were trade-offs and limitations - not to mention inconcistency between the outputs of different browsers and graphics cards.

Even as web-browsers, graphics cards, and the OpenGL/GLSL capabilities improve, it was time for a change! Fast GPU hardware was previously considered off-limits to web-applications - this is no longer the case.

Web-browser are now capable of high-performance real-time graphicsc, complex computational tasks (machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, simulations and physics). When I say 'web-browser' - I mean locally on your machine (not having the work sent off to a server then the result getting handed back).

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