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Sunday July 21, 2024
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XBOX Programming..

More than just a toy...


XDK Tutorials


These few tutorials are meant for educational purposes only.  For people who want to know how things work, and to learn - we in no way exept any responsibility.  Again these are for educational purposes - the freedom of knowledge.


Also feedback is always welcome, and if you have any comments or suggestions please email me at Ben_3D@xbdev.net  Remember the XDK (e.g. XBox Dev. Kit is the sol property of Microsoft(c), as it is only available thought them.


Prequel - How DirectX3D works.


Now grab yourself a coffee, and hold on because where going in....





Text Output Using 'ttf' Font's  
Getting a better view of the GamePad
Gamepad Rumble  



Homebrew Demos that where developed in conjunction with xbdev.net and xfactordev.net - (Members Only)




Source Code

Screen Captures

FileSize Download Demo
PacMan3DX (3D Version)                   7.3Mb Pacman3DX.rar
PacManX (2D)                 3.6Mb PacManX.rar
BreakOutX3D (version 13)                   2.3Mb BreakOut3DX.rar
WormsX                   1.8Mb WormsX.rar
DuckShoot (v0.0.1)


                1.5Mb DuckShoot.rar
X-Pass                 approx 1 Meg. download available soon.
BlasteroidsX (v1.2)             4.4Mb BlasteroidsX.rar
MiniMario 2D Demo Level (v0.0.4)

(Source Code)

            3.2Mb MiniMario2D_Demo.rar
GameEngine Code (v0.15)

(Source Code)

        1.5Mb GameEngineCode.rar
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