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Sunday June 16, 2024
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Halloween and JavaScript

Mini editor/game demo...


Halloween Game Example/Web-Based Editor (2D Sprite Game)

The web-based editor is a mini project to create/customize and develop simple 2D sprite-like games. At the heart of the editor was to keep it simple and uncomplicated. Hence, no external libraries and is written in Native JavaScript. You can add 'pages', and each page can have custom art/details added, such as text boxes, graphics and so on. Then you can save out the details to a json file.

The editor is available here, and is a single html file (for the demo game below, there are a few hacks in the editor so it runs as a simple game, such as, checking the gamestate, game over etc.).

Note you toggle the editor window by clicking the 'X' in the bottom left.

Key features:
* Simple AI mechanics for enemies
* User input/control
* Collision detection
* Add/edit separate screens/pages
* Game state logic (menu, playing, gameover, ..)
* Simple particle/effect system (visual feedback..)
* ..

* Preloading (waiting) for assets before starting game
* More AI/Gamestate feedback features
* Particle editor (currently 'hacked' together)

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Run Halloween Demo (Link)

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