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Sunday July 21, 2024
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More than just a toy...


ScreenMate (Windows)



Many years ago I came across lots of programs that ran on windows 3.11, remember those days?  Anyhow, the programs where screenmates and other desktop apps that made your desktop more fun.  The screenmate was a toy or a animal or animated creature which lived on your desktop and ran in the background while you did your work.  So while you where typing in office or drawing in corel you could see your little man or screenmate moving around the screen.

Simple design and didn't use much resources.



Download Source Code


The animated screenmate is for an alien spaceship - but of course you'll see in the file that the images are located in a bmp, which you can specify and modify to your hearts content to create your own stunning screenmates.


With a bit of work you can create animals that grow and change, that get upset when you don't play with them and things.


The code uses simple screen dc's, and only refreshes the small area that it moves around on, so it doesn't give your cpu much of a performance hit, allowing it to run in the background.






Download Source Code

Download win32 Binary


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